Ending and beginning

December 30, 2010

An old friend left work today.

Ten years, a hundred ideas, a thousand cups of coffee.

Gonna miss her like my right arm.

That friend of mine.

But she’ll do just fine.

She carries her cup half full and fuller.

Turns endings into beginnings.

And makes music wherever she goes.


Learning to listen

December 28, 2010

Yesterday I did that thing. Listening but not hearing.

Too busy thinking of my next remark to pay attention to another.

A one-way conversation because I’m talking to myself.

It’s not deliberate. We all do it.

Our chattering thoughts are always a few steps ahead or a long way behind.

I try to still those thoughts. To be here. To hear those around me.

Giving Back

December 26, 2010

We hiked yesterday in a forest burnt by careless folk.

Hundreds of cars lined up to see blackened trees.

Exhausts pouring more pollution into the exhausted forest.

Not giving back.

What happened to living in the circle.

Taking and giving. Maintaining balance with this earth.

Taking I guess is easy. Giving is another matter…

Thinking of friends

December 25, 2010

On holidays I think of friends.

Past and present. Here and gone.

Those in touch. And those who touched in passing.

Friends who reside across oceans and years.

Who continue conversations started decades ago.

Whose lines (like mine) are counted from life and laughter and cares.

Who don’t take the world (or themselves) too seriously.

Whose imperfections make mine easier to live with.

You know who you are. I wish you well. And thank you.

Cooking and connecting

December 24, 2010

Most nights I cook with my eye on the finish line.

Prepare, serve, clean up, done.

But as the week closes I smell chicken soup bubbling.

I plan my potions and brews.

And throw a little love and time into the pot, together with the herbs.

I wait for food to connect us as only food can.

And honor the week’s end.

Remembering to Breathe

December 23, 2010

I remembered to breathe today.
So I didn’t miss the smell of breakfast bread while counting weightwatchers points.
Or miss my kid’s story while reading my email.
Or do 5 things at 50% instead of 1 thing at 100.

Hope I remember to breathe tomorrow…

Folding In

December 22, 2010

What if I just let my day be.
The pink morning sky.
The traffic jam.
A great lunch with my workmates.
A rude comment for which I didn’t have a witty reply.
What if I take it in my stride.
I just fold it in and let it be.
Without judgment or sharp edges.

The first step

December 18, 2010

The feeling I should write has been bubbling up for a while. It’s not that I never write. I write technical documentation on a regular basis. But it comes from my head. And now my heart is demanding a turn. I’m not sure why. But I will start on a writing journey that might be long or short. And I (and perhaps others if I’m lucky) might be better for the telling.

Rayne Wiselman

Kibbutz Bet Haemek