Flowing grateful

July 25, 2011

Today I’m grateful.

For fresh white walls.

And cold vanilla ice cream.

That didn’t melt.

Before I ate it.

For the jellyfish.

And bees.

That swam and flew away.

For a new movie soundtrack.

Of Xavier and Mishka.

And the summer vacation.

Of late mornings.

To sleep.

And no sandwiches.

To make.



July 25, 2011

Painting my house.


On the calmness of white.

Or splashes of blue.


I know.

In the grand design.

But on those days.

Where I wrap my home.

Around me.

Like a hug.

What color hug.

Do I want?


Counting to fifty

July 11, 2011

My husband and kids.

Family present and past.

Messy photos and memories.

And childhood smells.

Beach walks and driftwood.

The feeling of home.

Wood-oven baked pizza.

And a candle lit porch.

Cadbury’s chocolate.

Chai tea in winter.

Home-grown herbs.

And bubbling soup.

Pansies and roses.

Sweet peas. Frangipanis.

The white scent of jasmine.

And grapes on the vine.

Sunrise and sunset.

Rain on the rooftop.

A breeze from the ocean.

And sleeping outside.

The minute that dusk.

Turns into dark.

Crunching fresh snow.

And walking barefoot.

Nighttime driving.

With windows open.

Jewish holidays.

And birthday mornings.

Reading great blogs.

Tidy drawers.

An uncluttered house.

And a job well done.

Family meals round the table.

Watching movies.

Unlimited hugs.

And a cat on my lap.

Meditation in silence.

Old reggae music.

A Jack Johnson album.

And a well-loved book.

Lazy vacations.

Outdoor markets.

Summer fruit.

And ice cold drinks.

Cold showers on hot days.

Meeting old friends.

Kids laughing together.

And smiles at work.

A  tended garden.

White beach houses.

Walks in nature.

And waterfalls.

A chilled white wine.

A warming red.

Meandering road trips.

And an empty weekend.

A quiet morning.

A cup of coffee.

Letting go.

And inner calm.

Getting older

July 10, 2011

There’s something amazing.

About older women.

Who walk in their own skin.

With grace.

And acceptance.

Letting life take them.

Where it will.

With elegant focus.


And curving.

The feminine.


And tasting.

The juice.

And flavor.


Each drop.

Flowing Grateful

July 3, 2011

Today I’m grateful.

For slow weekend meals.

Of laughter and food.

For the warmth.

Between my kids.

And their cousins.

For my little one’s hugs.

Before the teenage storm.

And the middle child’s way.

Of spinning the world she wants.

For my eldest who knows.

To care for time. And friends.

And for my amazement.

At their gifts.


From here.

And elsewhere.