Thinking of Awesome Things

August 15, 2011


Of Awesome Things.

A kiss from my teenager.

Walking barefoot in the grass.

Having an early night.

Fresh coffee in the morning.

Dropping the bread butter-side up.

Smelling flowers.

A clean bathroom when you’re desperate.

Waking at five. With two more hours to sleep.

Great food and no dishes to wash.

The time between day and night.

Knowing it’s the weekend.

Finding forgotten cash.

Eating the last cookie.

Rain showers on a hot day.

Getting off a longhaul flight.

The smell of my kids’ hair.

Looking great when you meet an ex.

Finding an old skinny photo.

Rain on a tin roof.

Hearing a song that takes you back.

Thanks Neil Pasricha.

For such an awesome blog.


Rayne Wiselman


Catching up

August 5, 2011

Spent time.

With an old friend.

Comforted that.

In spite of.

Greying hairs.

The heart.

Neither wrinkles.

Nor sags.


By rehashed stories.

And good times shared.


With tears and tales.

Of loss and sweet regret.


By an ageless sense of humor.

And laughter that doesn’t dim.




August 5, 2011

Lost sight.

Of myself.

This week.

In busy days.

Of bustle.

And practicalities.

External doing.


With internal quiet.

Thoughts racing.

And no quiet time sat.

Trying to remember.

Where I left.


And recall.

The stillness.