Flowing grateful

September 24, 2011

Today I’m grateful.

For a birthday breakfast.

Of food.

And presents.

Spiced with love.

And wrapped in hugs.


By a lazy rest.

In a dark cool room.

And a walk on the beach.

As pink light fell.

For a holey stone.

And seaglass.

Washed clean.

With Yoreh.

The first rain.


Like a long forgotten feeling.



Fighting windmills

September 23, 2011

Today I counted.

The ads.

And admonitions.

For elusive beauty.

And fountains of youth.

In miracle creams.

And botox vials.


Nips and tucks.

All promising.

A different life.


Fighting windmills.

But not wrinkles.


Feeling better

September 6, 2011

Been sick.

A lesson or reminder.

In letting go.

Of steering life.

And trusting it will take me.

Where it will.

And hold me steady.

On the rocky bits.

Helping wade through.

What I’d rather jump over.