Feeling better

September 6, 2011

Been sick.

A lesson or reminder.

In letting go.

Of steering life.

And trusting it will take me.

Where it will.

And hold me steady.

On the rocky bits.

Helping wade through.

What I’d rather jump over.




Thinking of Awesome Things

August 15, 2011


Of Awesome Things.

A kiss from my teenager.

Walking barefoot in the grass.

Having an early night.

Fresh coffee in the morning.

Dropping the bread butter-side up.

Smelling flowers.

A clean bathroom when you’re desperate.

Waking at five. With two more hours to sleep.

Great food and no dishes to wash.

The time between day and night.

Knowing it’s the weekend.

Finding forgotten cash.

Eating the last cookie.

Rain showers on a hot day.

Getting off a longhaul flight.

The smell of my kids’ hair.

Looking great when you meet an ex.

Finding an old skinny photo.

Rain on a tin roof.

Hearing a song that takes you back.

Thanks Neil Pasricha.

For such an awesome blog.


Rayne Wiselman

Flowing Grateful

June 8, 2011

Today I’m grateful.

For a lazy morning lie-in.

And the red hammock.

Now hanging on my porch.

For the first pink watermelon.

And a blue plate.

Piled with white salty cheese.

For the summer wind.

Bringing coolness.

As the day turned dry and yellow.

And for a black night drive.

Of open windows.


With the last slice of cheesecake.

Forgotten in the fridge.

Flowing grateful

April 25, 2011

Today I’m grateful.

For warm porridge and brown sugar.

Eaten in the quiet.

Of morning.

And for the green parakeets.

Sitting six in a line.

Outside my window.

For the last day of Pesach.

And fresh hot pita.


As the sun goes down.

For the sparkling wall.

Of hanging crystals.

Swaying in the light.

And for the last long day.

Of vacation.

Before starting work.




March 9, 2011

Wrapped an old friend around me.

Like a blanket.

This weekend.

A welcome home.

To myself. Of now.

And to myself. Of old.

And times somewhat forgotten. 


And laughed.

In conversation.

That spans the years.

And generously leaves room.

For change.

And new lives.

And growing older.

The kind of friendship.

That makes you count.

Your blessings.


March 9, 2011

Travelling this week.

Seeing people.

Do what I do.

Just somewhere else.

And differently.

But much the same.

Seeing from the side.

And thinking.

How I could do some things.

Differently. Too..

Flowing grateful

February 14, 2011

Today I am grateful.

For the rainbow.


When I opened the door.

For my absent daughter.

Home for the weekend.

For the rain.

Washing the garden.

A rare visitor.

For the early night.

Of blissful sleep. Unbroken.

For the cup that didn’t break.

Though it slipped from my hands.

And for the gift.

Of just being here. Today.


January 29, 2011

Today was a day of colors.

A yellow morning reading.

In diluted winter sun.

Gathering for lunch.

Golden chicken. Deep red cherry tomatoes. Shiny black olives.

An afternoon walk.

Of short green wheat.

In fields usually brown.

With grey sky hanging over the sea.

Telling of rain to come. Maybe.

A pink ribbon around the cat’s neck.

Purple flowers blooming on the rosemary.

A warm orange lamp. Lit as dusk fell.

The bright blue cover of a book just opened.

While curled in a multi-colored blanket.

Flowing grateful

January 22, 2011

Today I am grateful.

For my family sitting round the breakfast table.

And the winter sun that came to warm us.

For the cat who came home after two days missing.

And the mint and thyme just planted by my door. 

For new friends who visited this weekend.

And the hugs and words they poured.

Like warming tea.

And mostly I’m grateful.

That I remembered to take. Just a minute.

To be grateful.

The first step

December 18, 2010

The feeling I should write has been bubbling up for a while. It’s not that I never write. I write technical documentation on a regular basis. But it comes from my head. And now my heart is demanding a turn. I’m not sure why. But I will start on a writing journey that might be long or short. And I (and perhaps others if I’m lucky) might be better for the telling.

Rayne Wiselman

Kibbutz Bet Haemek